What is Our Guarantee?

You have a 150% Refund Guarantee if you don’t receive the tickets.

Having experts working at our company from the industry since 2003, all our customers have successfully received the tickets they purchased. We recommend you to read the Terms and Conditions.

Why do prices vary?

Availability and prices of tickets are driven by market demand; they are not determined by BuyFootballTickets. Face value refers to the price printed on the “face” of the ticket or the original purchase price in the primary market. The face value of a ticket can differ from the selling price, because the tickets listed on Buy-FootballTickets.com are sold by a 3rd party at “market value”. If the event is in high demand, the selling price is generally much higher than the face value on the ticket and vice versa.

Are tickets for home/away supporters?

All tickets listed for an event are for the home team sections unless otherwise specifically stated. Therefore if tickets are simply listed as “Shortside” or “Longside” they will be for home team supporters.

* Please note, the above specifications do not apply to matches that are played at a Neutral Venue/Stadium? (such as Champions League Final, Europa League Final, FA Cup Final, League Cup Final or World Cup events). In these cases we usually state to which end those allocations belong. If there is no indication please assume the seats could be allocated in either end of the ground.

Are tickets sat together?

Tickets are issued and allocated in maximum groupings of 4-together. The seller can guarantee that nobody will sit alone so if you buy 3 tickets or less they will always be together. If you buy 4 or more tickets, the seller can try to get them all together but they may be split into groupings of 2+2 / 2+3 / 4+2 / etc. If you need all tickets to be sat together please contact our customer service hotline and a representative will assist you to find the tickets you need.

What is the exact seat location of the tickets listed?

The exact location of seats oftentimes cannot be provided at the time of booking as ticket allocations are not confirmed to the suppliers in advance. For this reason you may only find generic descriptions of seat locations (Shortside, Longside). Please assume that the seat location may be the worst allocated within a generic description, some listings have more information regarding the allocations but the price tends to be higher. If you are unsure about the location of the seats based on the descriptions, please see the venue maps or contact our customer service team for clarification.

Can I change my delivery address?

Please contact our customer service team by phone or by email to change your delivery address. Please have at hand your Order Reference Number so we can find your order. If there is a change in shipping costs that result by you changing the delivery address you will be charged or refunded the difference.

Why have I been asked to provide Proof of Billing Address?

Due to increasing amount of fraudulent debit / credit cards, you may be asked to provide documentary evidence to verify the correct details correspond to the billing address of the credit card. Please be assured we keep your personal information safe according to our Privacy Policy. Failure to provide documents by the deadline will result in your order being cancelled.

Can I cancel my tickets once purchased?

Buy-FootballTickets.com does not have an exchange, refund or cancellation policy unless an event is cancelled entirely and not rescheduled. If an event is rescheduled and you are not able to attend, we cannot offer any refunds. This is also mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.